Remote Solutions


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls – also known as internet calls or wifi calls – are simply audio or video calls made over the internet.
They have become increasingly popular over recent years and are now widely used for both business communications and personal calls that would previously have been made via a landline or mobile network.

”You can get a UK, French, German or Singaporean landline or mobile phone number through us and 3rd party companies that can be transferred over to mobile application hence all calls can be taken via WIFI and 4G anywhere in the world without any extra cost.

Voip phone service is the best solution for all call answering and companies who want to take their office calls from home or anywhere in the world 
We have been using Voip from one of the biggest provider in UK for almost 10 years for all of our employees and our staff is located all over the world 
Please get in touch and let us help you moving your existing landline or you can simply provide your mobile number provide your with a new phone number for you UK, EU or Asian market.
Most plans are unlimited calls to local numbers and cost only 9 – 20 Euros a month
International call rates are also one of the lowest in the world 

Our staff can use PC or any other computer if you choose to.
Most of our staff members are using Mac Book Pro through our company which we would highly recommend as iPhone and Mac will help our staff works more efficiently and high security.
We can add a small extra cost around 50 euros a month on your monthly plan if you want your staff member to use a iPhone and Mac from us  or if you prefer to use a normal PC computer we can also provide this too.

Normal cost for a personal assistant working full time range is  from 700-990 Euros a month 
Our prices are unbeatable and we mostly handle calls and emails and provide customer services for small businesses also responsible for online shops in USA and Europe
Please get in touch for full details and take a look at some of our staff members details and videos on our website 
You can see a video introduction sample from some of our staff that will provide service to you. They can train and teach your new staff member anything they need to learn and they will be working for you on your preferred time zone. 

If you’re looking for  English speaking staff or a personal assistant to take emails,  calls or any other tasks then we have the perfect Solution for you !
Our staff is located in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia and everyone is working from home and fluent in English and other languages 
Through us you can have your own personal assistant or full time employee for less then 990 Euros or around 800 Pounds a month!
We have English, German and French speaker staff that can work for your company 
All of our staff works from home and can take all your calls or provide customer service remotely 
Please visit our website or call us and let us know what is your need

We have many payment method as you go for each programs  and long term contracts as well for larger companies with more then 5 staff members 

Get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you