Remote Solutions

benefit of remote working

If you’re looking for  English speaking staff or a personal assistant to take emails,  calls or any other tasks then we have the perfect Solution for you !

I highly recommend Remote Solutions for any small businesses or people who simply need a part time or full time Personal assistant or someone to take care of their customer service like emails and calls.Our staff is located in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia and everyone is working from home and fluent in English and other languages. We are a team of over 100 people mostly in South East Asia all working separately for different customers or individuals all over the world 

We can help your business with a phone number or email set up or anything else you might need to get started. We offer pay as you go packages for a temporary services ,   or a long term contracts for larger businesses .We have more then 8 years experience in remote working and we can take care of all your call answering and emails or anything else you might need

Through us you can have your own personal assistant or full time employee for less then 990 Euros or around 800 Pounds a month! Normal cost for a personal assistant working full time range is  from 700-990 Euros a month. Our prices are unbeatable and we mostly handle calls and emails and provide customer services for small businesses also responsible for online shops in USA and Europe

Please get in touch for full details and take a look at some of our staff who trained for online and remote works in English, German and French members details and videos on our website 

You can see a video introduction sample from some of our staff that will provide service to you. They can train and teach your new staff member anything they need to learn and they will be working for you on your preferred time zone.